Crayola Design Change for 2011

One of the best ways to track the history of a product is through their designs.  The majority of crayon companies make it easy these days by adding a date to their assortments.  That wasn't always the case.  Up until the 1980s a collector or enthusiast had to rely on identifying all of the design changes and then research when those changes were on the market.  That could be validated from price lists, advertising and logical deduction through other means such as from the crayons inside the assortment.

The other benefit to a wholesale design change in a product you are collecting is that it gives you new items to add to your collection.  Having a source to look at and find out about these changes is convenient because then you don't have to drop into your local stores to see if anything has changed.

2011 had been a quiet year for Crayola with only a few new products or changes.  But sometime in the spring they changed their product design across the majority of their assortments.

The washable line of crayons kept their "World's Most Washable" tagline but switched them from the red/orange banners they had been using to this new blue banner.  These have just been introduced and may take awhile for retailers to deplete their old stock and replenish with the new stock.

The regular line of crayons did just the opposite.  They kept their "Preferred by Teachers" tagline but switched from blue banners to new red banners.

All of the new designs incorporated a crayon tip coming into the box from the lower left and pointing to the number of crayons contained in that assortment.

Meanwhile, other assortments such as the classroom focused designs have remained unchanged.  All of these are now out in retailer stores as I've picked all of them up personally.

Happy hunting...


  1. I wonder why they keep changing their box design so much? Probably trying to make the box collectors purchase more

  2. Awesome article on the history of Crayola's 24-box-Very informative-Thanks:)