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More news for 2011 for Crayola but it comes from the international arena this time.  It seems that Crayola has partnered with Disney in Japan to create a series of crayon boxes using the familiar Disney characters of Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

They've come out with 8,12,16 and 24 color boxes for these and they appear to only be available in Japan.  Alas for you color collectors out there but the crayons are the standard tri-lingual wrappers so nothing new there.

Another interesting box now out for sale in Japan is their "Anpanman" Triangular box.  If you are not familiar with who Anpanman is that is not surprising.  He is one of the most popular anime characters in Japan these days.

Now this one clearly has unique wrappers on each crayon with anime characters on them.  I can't tell you what the color names are because I won't break the seal of my box.  I should have ordered two!  Perhaps these are unique color names too...time will tell.

This isn't the first time we've seen unique Crayola box designs come from overseas.  Earlier this year we had another Asian variation show up.

In years passed we've seen similar attempts as well.  Some aren't really legitimate new boxes though.  Below is an example where they just created an outer sleeve to put over a normal USA box in order to target those in Asia.

When things are quiet collecting crayon boxes here in the USA, sometimes we can find new things to add to our collections by looking elsewhere in the world.

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