Strange Patterns

When you build a large collection of crayons, you start to notice some unusual patterns or connections that make you scratch your head.

For example, Crayola was headquartered in New York at 81-83 Fulton St which happened to be the same address for the Antiseptic Crayon Co.  So why did they use a psuedonym company for these crayons?  They certainly made industrial crayons using the Binney & Smith name so why the change?

Another example is the General Crayon Co. in Easton, PA.  Easton is the location of the Crayola factory and has been since the beginning.  Easton is a small rural town and so it seems very suspicious that another crayon company would be located right next to Crayola.  More likely is that this is yet another psuedonym that Crayola did for some reason.  We may never know the real back story though.

The Crayarto brand of crayons is another example of a clear pattern.  Three different companies seemed to have distributed not only the same brand name but the nearly the same graphics.  To this day I don't know why this is.

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