A Little More Clarification on the Crayola "Pick Your Pack" Variations for 2013

Update:  For a comprehensive list and story, see my web site page at Target "Pick Your Pack" Series

On the subject of the Crayola "Pick your Pack" series...the ones that were exclusively Target but seem to now have changed to a non-exclusive set...

In my last post I mentioned that the "Back to Basics" box had changed slightly.  I wanted to show you the changes and point out that any box they reissue has the potential to make this change too which would mean more box variations for those of you that are trying to collect them all.

The main difference you can see is the removal of the Target symbol in the lower left of the front of the box.  They've changed this to a more generic "Pick Your Pack" round circle.  I do notice they've kept it red, which are the colors for Target.

I still don't know the reasoning behind this change but assume that they want to sell these in stores beyond Target.  I haven't personally seen them anywhere else so if you do, leave me a comment; I'd be interested to hear if they are somewhere else.

You can see that they also made some minor changes to the "non-toxic" statement at the bottom as well.  They've moved that into a bi-lingual message in a very small font just below the Pick Your Pack symbol instead of having it be in English and buried within the crayon count on the right.  Everything else on the front is the same.  Sorry for the washed out photo of the original...the colors are identical, it's just my photos that are not the same quality.

Now...back to the reissues.  I've heard that the following boxes have had reissues with the new "Pick Your Pack" round circle.  I haven't seen pictures and I haven't even picked them up personally because my Target stores still have the older stock for these.  Keep your eye out for them (and perhaps others that they choose to reissue).  Let me know if you find any...I'm still looking to complete my own set if these are truly legitimate!

Dinosaur Roar
Mermaid Shimmer
Pink Princess

Thanks to Heather for alerting me to these reissues and for the photo...

These would put our overall count to 55 for this set with 6 of those being minor variation changes described above.

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  1. I have a flood of crayola crayons!! I'm 20 and love them :D