New for 2013 - The Crayola Tip Color Collection Set

As if it weren't enough to try and keep up with the "Pick Your Pack" series of Crayola crayons, they've brought out a new set of 10 different 8-color boxes.

There is no official title to this set so being as they all feature "Tip", their crayon mascot, and given they do call them a color collection on the back of the box, I've given them the arbitrary title as the "Tip Color Collection Set".  It's not sexy but it's descriptive enough.

Apparently this set is made exclusively for Walmart just like the sets they've put out recently for Target for the initial roll out of the Pick Your Pack series or the follow up Meltdown set that was geared to just specific participating Walmart stores.  For once these are actually available on line.  I've seen them at the Crayola store but I don't know if you can actually purchase them on there or not.  Either way, you cannot buy them in a set in their store but they are available as a set on Amazon and countless auctions on eBay from people speculating that people will want to pick up this set at any cost.  After the difficulty in obtaining the Meltdown set, I can see why people speculate on eBay.

Each box has their own color grouping of crayons that are in their existing palette of colors they offer in different assortments but these are grouped in a unique combination of colors you'd have to buy a very large assortment to get.

There are 10 boxes in this set.  For those of you wondering, no, there aren't any unique color names in this set.  No, the wrappers aren't unique for this set.  They use the "Type 10" wrapper designs (see the regular website pages under Crayola and then Crayons for more details).  Essentially, it's a tri-lingual wrapper with the reference below the name.  Only the box designs and the combination of colors make these unique.  

Here's the rundown on the set:

1. Hello Sunshine.  UPC 71662 22150  Code 52-2150-0-200  Style 52-2150
This is a set of unique yellow/orangish colors.  We have banana mania, goldenrod, laser lemon, macaroni and cheese, sunglow, unmellow yellow, yellow, yellow orange.

2. Keen Green.  UPC 71662 22152  Code 52-2152-0-200  Style 52-2152
This is a set of unique green colors.  We have asparagus, granny smith apple, green, inchworm, jungle green, olive green, pine green, spring green.

3. Nifty Neon.  UPC 71662 22158  Code 52-2158-0-200  Style 52-2158
This is a set of unique neon like colors.  We have aquamarine, atomic tangerine, electric lime, razzle dazzle rose, screamin' green, unmellow yellow, vivid tangerine, wild watermelon.

4. Peppy Pastel.  UPC 71662 22154  Code 52-2154-0-200  Style 52-2154
This is a set of unique pastel like colors.  We have apricot, canary, carnation pink, periwinkle, purple mountains' majesty, sea green, sky blue, spring green.

5. Playful Purple.  UPC 71662 22159  Code 52-2159-0-200  Style 52-2159
This is a set of unique purple colors.  cyber grape (from the Metallic line), eggplant, indigo, orchid, plum, purple mountains' majesty, violet (purple), wisteria.  One observation on this one:  They call them purple colors, not violet colors.  Interesting because they call purple on the crayon violet and then with purple in parenthesis so that people will understand what violet is.

6. Pretty Pink.  UPC 71662 22155  Code 52-2155-0-200  Style 52-2155
This is a set of unique pinkish colors.  We have cotton candy, jazzberry jam, mauvelous, pink flamingo, pink sherbert, radical red, salmon, wild watermelon.

7. Red Hot.  UPC 71662 21511  Code 52-2151-0-200  Style 52-2151
This is a set of unique red/orange colors.  We have brick red, mango tango, maroon, orange, red, red orange, scarlet, sunset orange.  Personally, I thought just for fun they should have brought back "torch red" and stuck it in this.  Of course, then they would have had to produce a wrapper for it because they haven't used that color name for a long time now.

8. Savvy Sand.  UPC 71662 12157  Code 52-2157-0-200  Style 52-2157
This is a set of unique brown colors.  We have antique brass, beaver, brown, copper, desert sand, gold, raw sienna, tan.  In reality, this box has more than just browns, it contains metal colors too.  Also, I like the name of this one.  How often does one get to use a word with two consecutive V's?

9. Shady Gray.  UPC 71662 12156  Code 52-2156-0-200  Style 52-2156
This is a set of black/white/gray and other odd colors.  We have black, cadet blue, deep space sparkle, gray, manatee, silver, timberwolf, white.  Of course I have to wonder what in the world cadet blue is doing among this assortment.  The box clearly says "gray" colors but I don't find many of these to really fit that description.

10. True Blue.  UPC 71662 12153  Code 52-2153-0-200  Style 52-2153
This is a set of unique blue colors.  We have blue, cerulean, denim, midnight blue, periwinkle, robin's egg blue, sky blue, wild blue yonder .

And there you have it (at least for now...who knows if Crayola will expand this).  Of the 80 colors in the 10 8-color boxes, they offer up 76 different colors.  There aren't 80 different colors because four of the colors were put into two different boxes.  Wild watermelon is in both Nifty Neon and Pretty Pink.  Sky blue is in both Peppy Pastel and True Blue. Periwinkle is also in both Peppy Pastel and True Blue.  And finally, purple mountains' majesty is in both Peppy Pastel and Playful Purple.

Final observations:  While I am very pleased to have a new set of boxes to collect, it would have been much more fun to have added the box title to one of the crayon colors as a special wrapper.  Extra costs in production, I know, but how exciting would that have been?  Also, don't expect these to be nearly as valuable and rare as the Meltdown set.  Those came and went and not many were able to get them much less get them all.  These are much more readily available.


  1. The new Halloween set is awesome.

  2. you had two "cotton candy"s up for the pretty pink. the second one is supposed to be salmon

  3. I was able to buy 8 of the 10 @ Walmart at a clearance price of .25 each They did not have the Sands or grays bummer but I'm pleased overall!!

  4. unknown - Yes, it is too. I still need to do a post on that one.

    Taylor - Thanks, I'll correct that. My eyes go a little buggy listing out so many colors over and over.

    Laura - Good find! They fly out so fast that I'm sure they'll be worth a little bit on eBay down the road.

  5. I got this set complete at my home Walmart last year, and found a couple meltdowns put out for back to school a few weeks ago.

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