Brodhaven's Wooden Crayon Canisters

In every large collection there tends to be small sub-collections.  Crayons are no different.  I have around 3,000 different crayon boxes of various sizes and shapes and about 2,000 of those are on display.  People that first visit my collection invariably get drawn to my collection of wooden canisters.  They are one of my favorite sub-collections.

The containers are wooden and they are made by a company called Brodhaven.  They operated out of Brooklyn, NY in the 1930s and 1940s but very little is known about their history or how these were sold.  They came with 6-9 crayons depending on the container.

Some of the characters were very simple.  They opened in the middle and had no arms.  Others had arms and rifles or drums.  They also did a lot of animal containers which would have legs, a head and usually a tail.  Colors would vary from one color to mutli-colored.

Perhaps the most desirable were the airplanes.  I have two different styles of these.  This one is the most elaborate.  The cardboard slides off so you can remove the crayons from the fuselage.  

With so many color combinations, there are a lot of variations to pick up.  But these containers are both rare and desirable and they'll cost you usually in the $30 - $150 range depending on what it is.

Some of the animals used a bendable neck instead of the ones that just stuck straight up.

Tails on the animals were either angled or stuck straight out.  I always thought it was humorous that to remove the crayons on these, you had to get them from their behinds.

I don't know just how many of these they made but I enjoy it when I find a new one because I already have a very advanced collection of these.

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  1. I found 3 Brodhave, black, green. Are they worth anything?