Finally...the 2013 Crayola Halloween crayons

I really should have posted the Crayola Halloween collection with "Tip" on each of the boxes last fall when they were out but there were so many Crayola sets to feature last year that I just never got around to it.

The set was found in most Walmart stores and unlike the Meltdown set of earlier, this set was more readily available.

The set had eight different theme color boxes, each with a different picture of "Tip" on the front.  It included:

Bony Bodies
Full Moon
Goon Lagoon
It's Alive
Once Bitten

The colors inside were not new and the wrappers were not new.  These were simply a unique selection of Crayola's existing colors put into 8-color boxes based on the theme color used.  For example, Bony Bodies contains all black/gray/dark blue colors.

This marks the fourth such 8-color theme set Crayola has done recently.  Their first and longest running were the Target ones.  After that, there were the Meltdowns, the Tip Color set and now this Halloween set.

It's been quiet as of late so we will have to see if Crayola continues to ride the theme'd set wave or not.  Fortunately for us, they always have something in the planning.


  1. Ed, I wonder if there will be a Christmas themed set? Heard anything? I am on the lookout at my local Walmart, Target and Kmart. I have also seen Tip grace the new 64 and 96 count boxes.

  2. I haven't heard of a new Christmas theme set for 2014 yet but it seems hopeful. Since they just did the 16-count and a couple of the theme ones (super hero, Disney, etc.) lately they might not have any new designs for this Holiday because we didn't see any new ones for Halloween whereas last year (2013) they put out a set.