New Crayola Colors for 2015 with their new Color Alive Product

For all of you Crayola color name collectors and fans, 2015 brought you new colors after over a year of drought from Crayola.  Those that collected containers from Crayola saw a continued stream of new boxes during 2013 and 2014 but no new colors since 2013.

As we rolled into 2015 though, Crayola introduced a new interactive coloring product called "Color Alive".  While this set of themed coloring crayons used various licensed characters and reused existing colors, each themed set brought us a brand new color.  

The new color was a special crayon that is used to activate with an app designed to bring special coloring books alive on screen.

Here's the write up of one of them:  

"A special app and the included Creepy Crawly Crayon transform coloring by activating a virtual experience complete with color effects. Crayola Color Alive Monster High comes with six Crayola Crayons, special color effects crayon, free app download, and 16 action coloring pages featuring Monster High characters for young artists to color and interact with."

Pretty interesting.  It reminds me of the movie "Big" when they came up with an interactive comic book.  Looks like Crayola has come up with an interactive coloring book and in the process has given collectors new containers and colors to acquire.

So, without further ado, here are the new colors:

Show Stopper (part of the Barbie Color Alive set)
Pixie Dust (part of the Enchanted Forest Color Alive set)
Banana Banana (part of the Minions Color Alive set)
Creepy Crawly (part of the Monster High Color Alive set)
Fire Breath (part of the Mythical Creatures Color Alive set)
Ice Blast (part of the Skylanders Color Alive set)

And yes, each wrapper is unique for these special crayons.

No word yet on whether this is all Crayola will be doing or if we will see more themed sets for this new product.  Let's hope we do!

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