100 Years of Colour in the UK

This box came out in Europe last year. I'll bet no collector ever saw it either. It celebrates the 100th year Crayola has been in Europe

Crayola did a Crayola Bus Tour that stopped at various retailers around the UK, and invited kids and adults alike to celebrate ‘100 years of colour’ with games, themed play areas and performers.

It went from August 24th to September 3rd. The Crayola branded double-decker bus visited locations across the UK with dedicated play areas featuring the Crayola My First and Toy products.

The tour stopped off at a selection of Toys R Us, Smyths and Hobbycraft stores up and down the country, targeting key back to school buying periods over the end of the summer holidays.

Pip and Tip Crayola character performers were on hand to guide families through the various games and activities. And, they produced this commemorative box to mark to occasion.

Of course, the majority (if not all) of crayon collectors are in the USA or Canada and they likely didn't catch this event and acquire the box made for it.

But the good news? As of Jun 2017, there were still 10 boxes left on Amazon.uk!

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  1. It certainly is a very beautiful looking box. Do you have any idea if there were any unique names in the box? Boxes like this make me miss collecting.....