No these are not really Crayola crayons!

When a brand gets big enough, you can bet somebody, somewhere will take advantage of that without the authority to do so.

Case in point, Crayola is such a global name in the world of crayons that they are ripe targets for those wanting to capitalize on that for a quick buck.

So I guess it was no surprise when I saw these on a Mexico online sight.  And of course, the collector in me wants a box just for the novelty!  


  1. Did you know that crayola mean crayon in Spanish? I'm guessing these are generic crayons and the company that makes these weren't trying to steal the crayola name because every word on the box is in Spanish, since it is in Mexico.

  2. Erica - I live in Mexico and lived in Spain before that and no other crayon brand uses the word "Crayola". They use the word "crayones". You might be correct, but it isn't a word that the rest of the Spanish speaking world uses commonly for the word crayon.

  3. I smell a trademark infringement lawsuit coming on...… lol