The Rosen family reunited with the merger of RoseArt and Cra-Z-Art under LaRose Industries LLC

On January 28, 2021, LaRose Industries LLC announced that they had acquired a portion of business from Mattel.  Under the AST (arts, crafts, stationery) business under Mattel included their family business RoseArt.

This effectively brings the family business full circle.  The family originally sold their business in 2005 to Mega Block.  They had a number of different companies under them; having acquired various brands to their mega-corporation.

They continued their business and brand but it didn't take long before one of the Rosen brothers, Lawrence Rosen, left to branch out to his forge his own company, Cra-Z-Art.  He was very successful with the brand and company.  Meanwhile, Mega Blocks got acquired by Mattel in 2014.

With the slowed economy due to Covid, Mattel went shopping for a buyer in 2020 and Lawrence Rosen stepped up and acquired their AST business by January 2021; which wasn't a core business for Mattel.  Now we have not only the full Rosen family back together under the company started by their grandfather in 1923 but we have Lawrence's Cra-Z-Art brand under the same company as well.  The company is now called LaRose Industries LLC.

It's always inspiring to see a family business survive the these corporate acquisition times.

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