Crayola's new Special Edition "Sweet 16" exclusive in Toys R Us is out

 This just out for the 2013 Holidays:  Target has an exclusive new 16 count box to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the introduction of 16 new colors to Crayola's color family that they put into their 96-color assortment.

The colors are listed on the back but they include:  Asparagus, Cerise, Denim, Granny Smith Apple, Macaroni and Cheese, Mauvelous, Pacific Blue, Purple Mountains' Majesty, Razzmatazz, Robin's Egg Blue, Shamrock, Tickle Me Pink, Timberwolf, Tropical Rain Forest, Tumbleweed, Wisteria

The new colors were a big deal back in 1993 and they had a national contest to name the colors.  Here's what the crayons looked like back then before they were named:

Once the contest was over, they reprinted the crayons with the new colors and the names of all the winners.

Finally, they settled back to their normal wrappers.  Here were those new colors back in 1993 when they first go their permanent wrappers.

Finally, here's what the original box looked like back in 1993 after they feature

Crayola Big Box (Limited Edition) - 96 colors.jpg

It's nice to see Crayola keeping on top of their own history and offering up new ways to remember these events.

Now, go get your copy of the new one before Toys R Us runs out.  Good luck!


  1. Our daughter and I entered but we were not among the winners. She still has the original box of 96. When the winning colours were announced we tired to guess the right answers. You can see our results 10/16: Asparagus, Cerise [We called it Razzmatazz], Denim [We called it Pacific Blue], Granny Smith Apple, Macaroni and Cheese, Mauvelous [We called it Wisteria], Pacific Blue [We called it Denim], Purple Mountains' Majesty, Razzmatazz [We called it Cerise], Robin's Egg Blue, Shamrock, Tickle Me Pink, Timberwolf, Tropical Rain Forest, Tumbleweed, Wisteria [We called it Mauvelous]

  2. Lorne - 10 of 16 is pretty good! That's pretty neat though, be sure to keep that box!

  3. I have a color called "Banana Bananza" and at first I thought it was a variant of "Banana Mania" but I noticed its a darker color but the wrapper hue is the same, do you have that color?